The Process

The Master

BJ Menie has been in Arizona since the summer of 1976, working in the construction field in his professional life; he is a self-taught blacksmith with over 20 years’ experience as he has been dabbling in forging tempering and welding steel. 

He made his first knife in 1995, after being challenged by a co-worker and has been hooked ever since. He prides himself on attention to detail and using high quality materials, keeping his work in a fine balance of rustic beauty and rugged functionality

Why High Carbon Steel?

The most important item for a sharp knife is one word: Steel. Well that and the proper Heat treatment. Most commercial knives are made from some kind of stainless steel because it looks nice and it's rust resistant, usually 440 Stainless. Even stainless steel will discolor or even rust but not anything like carbon steel. Carbon steel is the best steel for a knife because it's the carbon in the steel that helps keep the edge and also aids in hardening. That's the simple explanation.

So, now you have a choice to make. Having a pretty shiny blade or one that stays sharp longer. if sharp is important to you, the choice is High Carbon Steel.

Of course you have to care for the Carbon Steel Blade. A little oil or wax on the blade to keep rust or tarnish away.